I can't remember a time that I wasn't cooking.  As a little girl, I watched my mother, absorbing all the activities in the kitchen.  From mixing, blending, stirring, tossing, the movements to me were similar to watching a ballerina on stage.  I was absolutely charmed with gastronomy.  The paramount part was the enjoyment everyone felt after the meal, so happy and full, so content.  Subsequently, I put myself through the NYC Institute of Culinary Education.  I have worked with some of the most celebrated chefs in the world from Windows of the World with Michael Lamonico to Cafe Boulud and Daniels with Daniel Boulud. 


I am introducing a new take on takeout.  Home cooked meals from my home to yours.  How would you feel about having a healthy home cooked meal rather than fakeout takeout?   Are you tired?  Don't feel like cooking?  Are you just burnt from the day and have no idea wha to cook?.  Yet, you just can't find something fresh, healthy and delicious that doesn't compromise your wallet.  Your problem is solved.  I will be offering a healthy weekly menu with a pre-fixed price of a 20 meal plan, 12 meal plan or a 4 meal plan that will vary from $75-$350 depending on the meal plan and your choices.  Most meals will consist of an entree with 4 oz. of organic/no hormone protein and a choice of sides.  All meals are healthy.  In addition, I will offer a weekly salad and dessert menu.  My menu is pre-fixed but I will take all suggestions under advisement.  Instructions on reheating will be available on the packaged dinners.


All orders must be receive before the Thursday of the prior week.  Dinners will be available on Monday between 2pm and 6pm, a $10 charge for any deliveries outside of Montclair & Glen Ridge area.
All orders will be taken in advanced and you will receive an email confirmation of your order.  Cash and personal checks only, no debt or credit cards.   Payment must be made within 24 hours upon confirmation of your order.   If payment is not received, your order will not be processed.
4 meal dinner plan: $75**
            includes:  For a family of 4:  1 entree each and2 choices of sides 
12 meal dinner plan: $215**
            includes:  For a family of 4:  3 entrees each and 6 choices of sides 
20 meal dinner plan: $350**
            includes:  For a family of 4:  5 entrees each and 10 choices of sides   

**Check your choices some dinners will have an additional value, which will be added to your total. 

A full and comprehensive list of all ingredients for each meal item is on the inventory page.  Please view if you have any food allergy issues.  Only the freshest ingredients available by local markets and farms are used for the menu.